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As a company, we help you or your company to find the right artificial plants for your environment

Need help with planting and planting?
With our unique range of artificial plants, we help to create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere
in all possible areas and environments.
Outdoors as indoors as required.

We build all kinds of palm trees, artificial or preserved

Here you can shop for canned palms. These palms are made of 100% natural material. Both stem and leaves are completely natural. The leaves on our canned palms and palm bushes are genuine palm leaves preserved and preserved to maintain
their natural shape and color

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We build and create all kinds of trees with real
Stem & artificial leaves

We are happy to help with the creation for your environment and wishes. Inspired by flowers and plants.
Big or small trees, decide for yourself. We create according to your needs.

Inspirational and artificial decorations for all environments like Restaurant, Kitchen & Shop

We are inspired by artificial and Japanese trees

Here cherry trees are always in bloom and are a beautiful experience. It's an exotic experience. To see and to stand under its thriving branches. Cherry oats are also associated with Japan and the Japanese people's soul.

Entrance Plants
Never forget that the entrance is the first guest to see ... ..

Entrance is important and first impression.Here it is important to create a warm and welcoming environment.
A face outward says a lot.With some well-stocked large pots, you can easily "dress up" the even the easiest and most tired entrance.
Summer as winter!
We are happy to help.With our unique range of artificial plants, we help to create just this environment and find a good layout.

 Plant Wall

We help to create a beautiful & artificial element in the interior with a plant wall. Depending on the taste and taste.
Interest in plant walls is great.
A wonderful way to integrate greenery into public environments.

Large & Luxurious Orchid or beautiful cut flowers

Having beautiful cut flowers in their store usually means a successful company.
Or beautiful orchids - nature's artwork.
Beautiful on all possible surfaces.

We decorate all environments - With artificial plants

We have Artificial plants in fine quality for the furnishing of your home or for common areas.
Keeping healthy and beautiful year after year.
Our plants have a natural look and are not blown by the sun.


A small selection of our projects

Grand-Escalier_660x220-e62b28dd30 MNO_7970 50 MNO_7962 50 MNO_7958 50

Olivträd - Stureplans franska pärla - Grand Escalier Brasserie på Globen

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Våra Palmer & Beach Club Helsingborg

via-95-by-the-beach-helsingbor 14151832_10153909110219211_1997068644_o palm via 14139097_10153909110269211_253174429_o ingång via 95 14269725_10153944463579211_519901509_n

Medelhavs inspiration på VIA 95 HBG

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Tropical, strandrestaurang & strandbar

inspiration_4 inspiration_5 inspiration_16

Våra Palmer & Lalandia - Danmark

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Olivträd & Barfota  - Beach Restaurang

14054782_10153890969099211_1856745405_n 14059955_10153890978849211_1178504863_o 14060310_10153890975124211_1936512383_o 14054782_10153890969099211_1856745405_n 14059955_10153890978849211_1178504863_o 14060310_10153890975124211_1936512383_o 14087291_10153890978619211_233799017_o 14087520_10153890978814211_962497355_o 14088894_10153890975259211_1378239772_n 14111574_10153890969009211_1991567523_n 14113806_10153890975204211_1319938243_o 14114004_10153890978999211_2058788541_o 14054782_10153890969099211_1856745405_n 14059955_10153890978849211_1178504863_o 14060310_10153890975124211_1936512383_o 14087291_10153890978619211_233799017_o 14088894_10153890975259211_1378239772_n 14111574_10153890969009211_1991567523_n 14114004_10153890978999211_2058788541_o 14113806_10153890975204211_1319938243_o 14113966_10153890975244211_759119107_o

Loopen - en liten bit av Västindien fast i Stockholm

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Mega stort Ek träd & Restaurang Creo

Artificial plants around the pool, the terrace, the balcony
Or decorate your own penthouse

Greet and decorate your extra room, the balcony, the terrace, the thin pool or your Penthouse! With artificial plants.
You get a sense of real-life greenery.
There are no limits to what can be done on their patio.
With artificial plants or balcony flowers you can create a beautiful green oasis, even at high altitude in the city.
Take out the box in April, take in October.
Decorated with blending plants, trees and palm trees around the pool, it creates tempo change and unique feel.

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